Our participation in EXPO is an excellent opportunity for the flow of ideas, and the people who conceive them and wish to debate on them.
EXPO shows how history is looked upon and how the world takes on its shape through the most practical and symbolic process in nature represented by nutrition.

This exhibition involves a sense of identity with a land that can convey its qualities, place them in a universal setting and in the globalised one of the new worlds. It means emerging from habits and facing multifaceted rituals and mentalities.

Massa is well aware of its worth and its position as a borderland whereby adaptation and ensuring its resources have induced a rich cultural awareness in nutrition, which is indeed expression of more than one history.

It has represented over the centuries a stop-over for pilgrims travelling to the Eternal City, a junction between routes leading to the castles, and a legislative capital. It was battlefront during World War I and II and suffered hardships.

The spirit of adaptability it has grown with and its geographical structure in a tiny sheet of land can be perceived in its recipes in which sea, mountain and hill fragrances mingle.

Unfolding this marvel is our finality at EXPO.

                                                                                                          The Mayor
Alessandro Volpi

foto  leone fontana di piazza Aranci
foto di limoni
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foto delle Vele di piazza Bad Kissingen
Marina di Massa
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